Winter Retreat summary

Last weekend, my housemates and I went to Indianapolis for our Winter Retreat, centered around "vocation."
That is one of my favorite things about this year and the DOOR/YAV programs - how they set aside time for us to reflect on what we are experiencing and what it means to our life.
Anyways, we left on Thursday after work and headed to Second Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis.  Second Pres wanted to host us because they are in the process of becoming a YAV site for next year, so some of our time was spent meeting with them about the YAV program and how they can make their site the best it can be.  It was pretty cool to see how much thought and work goes into creating a YAV site, and just how much they care about it.
Funny story:  we were supposed to take the DOOR van, but it ended up having some problems to Krista had to rent a car last minute and this teeny tiny one was the only one available.  So we had packed for the van and then had to make it all fit in this tiny car.  We felt like a bunch of clowns all crammed in there!
This church was HUGE.  I've never been in such a huge church. I kept getting lost.  I was told they have 4,000 members. It was gorgeous, for sure.
We also really like ice cream, and discovered a lovely ice cream shop in Indy to do some of our discussing.
We slept in the Presbyterian Women room, a huge craft room with sewing & knitting supplies, and lots of other fun stuff
See, they even need maps everywhere so people can find their way!
I think every church has an ugly floral women's bathroom, but this was a bit crazy - matching wallpaper, couch, and tableclothes!
During the weekend, we had various people come to talk to us about vocation - about how to use spiritual disciplines to seek God, about how vocation isn't always just a career path but a way of living , we even had a Jewish Rabbi come talk to us about how vocation plays a role in Judaism. - and we spent a lot of time reflecting together as a community on what it might mean for us personally.
It was a very timely topic, as we are all thinking about what is going to happen next for us, after this year is over.  We still have about half of the year left, yet everyone around me seems to want to know what I'm doing next!


As we talked about spiritual gifts and about being a part of the body of Christ - as unique and different parts - and as I prayed, read, and journaled, I realized that it is important for me to use my skills of photography and graphic design in my next step.  I am passionate about and love those things, and maybe more importantly, they are a unique gift that God has given me.  Now, how that is going to happen is a little harder to nail down.  This path is not very well defined.  I've been doing a lot of thinking about non-profits and how photography and design can help them "tell their stories." 
I am working with my supervisor at Little Brothers to start a project with them doing this soon, so I'm looking forward to taking some actions to see how this works in real life.
I don't know if this will mean a traditional job in a larger non-profit, who would have the budget to hire someone to do this full time, or if it will mean starting my own business (something I've been fairly set against in the past, so maybe God is working on softening my heart), or freelancing out work to various non-profits and organizations.  Those last two options scare me to death because they are unpredictable and wouldn't involve knowing my monthly salary ahead of time.  Yikes.  But I am trying to seek God's will and I know that if it is what He wants, He will provide for my needs. 
So yeah, pray for me as I try to seek Him.  Pray that my stubbornness and fears don't get in the way of His working.
Some photos I took of the sanctuary and chapel while I reflected.  Because sometimes I think best when I'm looking through the viewfinder of my camera.