Weekly Recap : 10/22/2103

I'm sick today, which sucks, of course.  I never rarely get sick, and getting sick away from home is pretty much the worst of the worst.  Yesterday, after a bad afternoon which is a totally different story, I had a migraine and after a miserable bus ride home - all those sounds and smells and everything are not great for a migraine - I came home and went directly to my bed.  It was all I could do to make it there.  I got out of bed after a little while to try to eat (which did not end pleasantly) and call my mom, but essentially stayed in bed from the time I got home last night until around noon today, when I relocated myself to the couch. :(  I got up when my alarm went off, hoping that I'd be able to go to work, but after trying to get ready I realized that I just wasn't up to it today so I called in to my boss.  I'm feeling a bit better now in the mid-afternoon and I'm really hoping to be over this tomorrow.  But ewI hate being sick.
Anyways, I thought I'd take some of my extra time on the couch to update my blog a bit.  I'm trying my best to keep this thing up to date - and I am updating it with the basic day to day stuff fairly regularly (yay me!) - but I have a long list of other thoughts to blog about.  Someday.
I was super blessed this weekend to be able to go to a good friend's wedding.  I rode a bus to Madison, WI, where I met up with my friend Kathryn and she let me ride along with her to Orange City, IA, where we spent the weekend and watched Rachel and Brian "tie the knot."  Orange City is where we went to college, so while we were there we got to spend part of Friday on Northwestern's campus - seeing some professors/staff, eating in the Hub, attending Chapel, realizing that we don't know any students there anymore because we're too old, and checking out some new things on campus like the Learning Commons.  It was so good. 
That place means so much to me; it was such a good place for me, and it's easy to get caught up in the memories there, but it's also good to recognize the ways that it has changed and how I have changed too since graduation.

Kathryn is such a good friend to me and no time spent with her is complete without some wonderfully deep conversation.  Somehow we always end up talking about theology, philosophy, politics, and our lives' callings.  I love it.  Makes for great road trip conversation.