Weekly Recap: 10-13-2013

Sorry I didn't update as much as should have this week - it's been a busy one!
Things are starting to settle into a routine a bit around here.  
A few things that happened this week:
· Clarissa (one of my housemates) and I joined a small group!  We went to Soul City Church for the second time last week and after they started a new sermon series on "Growing Up" - becoming mature in your faith - we were both convinced that this is the place for us.  The ten-week sermon series also has a corresponding daily devotional journal that the pastors there wrote to go with it, as well as a small group curriculum!  It's exciting to be a part of a church that wants you to grow!  So we went to our first small group last Thursday; it was really good and I'm really looking forward to getting to know more people there and being a part of that community!

· I learned that one of my elders was a successful Graphic Designer back in her day!  She has a very interesting life story, which she shared a bit with me, but it's too much to share right now.  But she ran a successful design business with 10 employees and they designed things for McDonalds and Burger King, just to name a few!  It's exciting to me to see how God has placed me right where I am and I don't believe that's a coincidence!

· On Friday we did our outreach at the elementary school with the Coalition for the Homeless, passing out flyers and doing surveys and talking to people.  As we were almost done, we started talking with some firemen who were sitting in their truck on the street. (The city of Chicago has closed over 50 schools this year, which means that many students have to travel further - and often across gang territory lines - so the "Safe Passage" routes to their new schools are lined with police officers, crossing guards, firemen, and whoever else they can get in the hopes that more bodies will prevent gang violence.  So that's why these firemen were hanging out outside the school.) So we started talking to them; they wanted to know what we were doing there, making sure that we were being careful in this "dangerous part of town", and when we explained to them what we were doing and what we were a part of this year, they were pretty excited for us.  Long story short, they ended up giving us a ride home in their firetruck and telling us to stop by their firehouse if we ever needed anything!  It was pretty exciting!

·         Today was the Chicago Marathon and we got to go watch!  Something like 45,000 people run in the marathon every year.  It's a huge deal, and as you can imagine, parts of the city are pretty much shut down as people are running through it.  Buses are shut down, etc.  This year one of Clarissa's cousins was running and we got to see her around the halfway point, so that was pretty cool!

 ·         We went to an apple orchard and got to pick some real apples! 

This coming week, I get to go to Iowa for a good friend's wedding!  I am taking a Megabus to Madison, WI bright and early Thursday morning and then riding with another friend to Orange City, where we went to college and the wedding is.  I'm SUPER excited to get to spend some time with these friends!