Hello friends!

Just wanted to post an update. :)  I leave in approximately three weeks.  I was gone a lot in July, spending time with one of my best friends for a week in Wisconsin before she got married and at the wedding and then in Washington state with my extended family.  Both wonderful trips, but they did make things a bit more chaotic that normal.  The weeks before and after were packed with trying to make up things I was going to miss at work, and then adding YAV paperwork on top of that.  Just crazy.  Now I am back, and trying to catch up with work and get ready to go.  I've hit the fundraising pretty hard since getting back.  Honestly, I was really worried about it, because I was getting started so extremely late, but God is so good and people's generosity has amazed me.  Of course, I am not there yet and I still need to raise a pretty good chunk, but it has definitely helped me to see that this is do-able!
Some of the other details are starting to fall into place as well, like the fact that I needed a laptop because I only had a desktop computer, but I was able to get that crossed off my list last week as well!  God was definitely in that too - like finding an awesome deal at a store and then getting the last one!

There is still so much to do yet, but it is good to make a dent in my to do list!

My work site placement is still yet to be determined, so that's a huge unknown still - and I'm not going to lie, I've been kept awake more nights than I'd like with to-do lists and worries running through my head.  But even with those worries, there is such a sense of peace, knowing that this is God's plan and He truly is helping me every step of the way.  He's made that obvious to me.

I so appreciate your prayers.  Can you pray that God would continue to take away the worries over the unknowns?  That is my biggest hurdle right now.  And that He would prepare me and all the people that I am going to meet.  And for all the other young adults preparing for a year of service in Chicago and all over the world through YAV and DOOR.

Also, I really like comments.  Just saying.  :)