time flies

I keep thinking about how fast the rest of my time in Chicago is going to go.  I know it's just going to fly. And I'm torn between being really excited to move on with life & get back to my family and being terribly sad to leave my elders and this city, which I have come to love even more now that the weather is nice!

Here's a quick rundown of the rest of my time - and you'll see why I'm convinced it's going to be over when I blink.  And I'm interspersing some random photos from the past few weeks.

First, this Friday for Community Day we are going to Indiana Dunes - a State Park with a beautiful beach that I've been to a couple of times before, when I worked at Camp Manitoqua.  Sand + sun sounds pretty fabulous right now and I'm really looking forward to spending time with my roomies + Krista too.

Then, immediately after that, I'm heading to Des Moines for the weekend to meet up with several of my wonderful college friends.  I'm seriously looking forward to that.  I'm gravely missing those close friendships, and I haven't seen these girls in way too long, so a wonderful weekend to catch up on each other's lives is very much needed.  I wasn't sure if I would be able to make it work out to go, especially without a car, but through the kindness of several people I am able to do it.  Yet another instance of God providing what I need through His people.

Then, on Tuesday, my mom is coming to visit me for a week.  I'm really looking forward to spending time with her, bringing her with me on visits to my elders, and just having her here.

In the meantime, I'm working hard on building my photography portfolio by taking photos of lots of people.  Family portraits, headshots, fashion shoots, and whatever I can get my hands (or camera) on - I love it all, but that means more time editing, looking for posing ideas, sharing photos.  You can check out some of my recent work here if you're interested. :) AND, if you are in the Chicago area and are interested in modeling for me in exchange for (FREE!) digital images, let me know! Really!

Summer and warm weather means lots of fun outings with my elders - we've been talking about doing fun stuff all year and putting in off until the weather gets nicer - and that's now! So that means busy, busy, busy-ness at work.  PLUS, lots of the other PA's have already finished their years and gone home and we don't have new ones yet, so that means that those of us that are left are having to pick up some of their previous work.  So even more busy-ness.

And then, the third week of July I'm going on vacation with some LBFE elders.  LBFE has a vacation home out in one of the farthest suburbs where elders get to go on "vacation" for four days at a time during the summer.  I volunteered to go one of the weeks, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the vacations which many of our elders say are the best thing about LBFE.

Amidst all of that, there's also the traditional "ending" things - wanting to have people over for dinner, crossing things off our bucket list, and somehow finding time to continue with regular life.

And of course, I'm still working hard to update my portfolio website, my resume, and working on job searching while all of this is going on.  I still need a job when this whole thing is over, and honestly I haven't gotten a chance to even think about that all that much because I've been so busy, and then when I do have a spare few hours I just need to rest more than anything.

So yeah, lots going on around here.  I'm looking forward to all the excitement, but it's just so weird to think about this coming to an end and moving on with life.  I feel like I need another year just to process all of my experiences from this year. Thanks for reading, thanks for your love and support all year, and as always I would appreciate prayers as I process the things I've been experiencing and as I continue to seek the next chapter in my life.


Much love,