The Story Behind the Design: Be Strong and Courageous

I've wanted to start a blog series for a while about the stories behind some of my favorite prints from my shop, and life has finally settled down enough to get around to it! I figured I'd start with the design that started this whole adventure of sharing these designs,

be strong and courageous

For as long as I can remember, I've struggled with trusting God with the future and not worrying.  It's easy for me to worry until I make myself sick, even though I know that it's a waste of my time.  And my life has been so very unsettled for years now, it's something that I have to remember every single day.  God's got this, Megan.

In the Bible, the phrase "Be strong and courageous" is repeated over and over so many time.  (I tried to look up how many times, but I couldn't find a clear answer - if anyone knows, let me know!) and God's promise to be with us no matter what is one that calms me right down when I get all tangled up in my worry.

I've always been a doodler, my whole life.  Somewhere over the last few years, I learned that what I was doing was "hand-lettering" - it's not calligraphy, although sometimes it does look a little like it.  Instead, each letter is drawn, so they are all unique and specially made to fit with that specific design.

So one day during my year in Chicago as I was sitting around worrying, I decided to create this piece with this verse from Joshua 1:9.  I'm really horrible at memorizing scripture, but I want to keep it in my head, so I started posting Bible Verses around my dorm room when I was in college; somewhere I would see them often and be constantly reminded of these important truths.  So anyways, I created this piece for myself, I hung it on my wall where I would see it often and it was a constant source of comfort for me.  Then one day, I shared a picture of it on my Instagram, and suddenly I started getting comments and messages - "You should sell those!" and "Can I pay you to make me a copy" and "Would you be able to make me one with this verse or quote?"  So I started making them for friends, and I opened up my Etsy shop.  Pretty soon my waiting list was over 30 people waiting for their quotes, and so they say, the rest is history!

It's been amazing to see how God is using these simple Hand-lettered Prints.  I've had people tell me about how God has used one specific verse to comfort them in their darkest hour.  People have told me how they've given one as a gift and the receiver bursts into tears because it's a verse that means so much to them.  It brightens my heart to know that something so small as a pretty picture has so much power when it's placed in God's hands and He uses them to encourage us, comfort us, and give us whatever we need.

And I can't wait to see where they go!