the death of an elder

One of "my elders," the seniors that I visit through Little Brothers, passed away on Monday.
When I first met her, three months or so ago, she went on my list of healthy, mobile elders who wanted to go out and do fun things together.  I would have probably said that she was one of the healthiest on my list (of course I didn't have access to any medical records, so I don't know if that was entirely true, but it certainly appeared that way).  It just goes to show how fast things can change.
She spent some time in the hospital at the beginning of December  (I was shocked to hear she was in the hospital) and the next time I saw her, she had lost so much weight and was extremely weak, just a shadow of the woman I had known.  And then I went to spend a week in Oklahoma with my family for Christmas, and my first day back at the office the Social Worker told me that she had passed away that morning.
I only visited with her a few times in my short time here, so I didn't actually know her all that well, but she never talked about God or a Faith, so of course I've been questioning if she'll be in heaven or not.  It's a hard thing to deal with.  The only deaths of people close to me that I've dealt with before were people who were Christians, so this is new for me.  I really am not entirely sure what to do with this.
And because I always try to come away from a hard day with a lesson, this time I'm hoping that no one will ever wonder about my salvation.  If I were to die tomorrow, I pray that my love of Christ would have been so evident to everyone I encounter that no one would be unsure if I were in heaven or not.