If you’ve known me for very long, you know that the past two years have been challenging for me.  After I graduated from college in ’11, I had big dreams of getting a job in Graphic Design (I wasn’t even too picky about what kind of job, just something to get me in the door and I could move up from there) and moving to some great city, living in a cute apartment, riding the subway to work, getting involved in an awesome church and becoming besties with the ladies from my new small group. 

Yeah, God had different plans.  Instead, I applied for hundreds of jobs and never heard back from most of them.  Every door that I tried to open was slammed in my face.  It was very discouraging.  But God had a plan through all of it.  He provided me a job, out of nowhere, in a place where I wasn’t even looking.  And I did love that job – one where I get to love kids who don’t get a whole lot of love, where I get to see my mom every day. 

But that was only the beginning of God’s plan, and I truly believe that this next step is the next chapter in the book of my life that He is writing.
So, with all that in mind, I am thrilled to announce ............

In September, I will be moving to Chicago!!
I will be going through a program through my church (the Presbyterian Church USA denomination) called Young Adult Volunteers - and the Chicago site is a partnership with the Door Network.  Here is the website for the Chicago site.  They compare it to the Peace Corps, it’s somewhat like “Mission Year” if that is a program you are familiar with.  Basically, they hook me up with a nonprofit organization (which one hasn’t been finalized yet) to work for the next year.  I have to raise some money to support myself – please contact me if you are interested in supporting me!  I will live in Intentional Christian Community in a house with several other Young Adults in the YAV program.

This isn’t permanent.  It is for a year, and after that I will re-evaluate and see what happens next.  My life is not my own; I have given the whole thing to God to use for His service.  This is one way that I can serve Him, a year to live all for Him, following His leading.  I know that it will be full of challenges, but the way that He has brought the details all together for this opportunity leaves no doubt that this is His plan, and I can’t wait!