Thank you.

See that?  That's a stack of encouraging notes, photos, postcards, and scriptures that I've received in the mail since arriving here.  I've also gotten a number of emails, texts, phone calls, and facebook messages.  These cards have a special place of honor on a bulletin board in my bedroom.

I've been feeling somewhat lonely for the past few weeks.  I am surrounded by great roommates, coworkers, and new friends, but they're still new.  And really, they're strangers.  There's nothing like a kind word from a good, old friend.

Twice in the past week, I've burst into tears upon reading a kind word a friend.  Really.  Like, balling my eyes out tears.  I'm not usually like that, I promise.  And I didn't expect to feel like this.  I've lived far away from my family and friends before; but for some reason, this time I'm struggling with homesickness more.

So if you've sent me one of those cards, emails, or facebook messages, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Know that it will be cherished and re-read.

Love to all of you.