Support me Financially

If you are able to support me financially this year, it would mean a lot to me.  I do have to raise a good amount of money to be able to do this, and every little bit helps.  Here is the info I have on that - there are several different ways you can give.  I will be working on some different fundraisers soon as well, so watch for info on those.
  • Checks
    • Make checks payable to “DOOR”
    • In the memo line indicate city and person (i.e. Chicago - Megan Schreurs
    • Send checks to:
      • DOOR National Office
      • 430 West 9th Avenue
      • Denver CO 80204
  • Credit Card
    • By phone: Call the DOOR National Office at 303-295-3667.
    • By mail: Complete the credit card form (shoot me a facebook message or email and I can get you a copy of the form) and mail to the address above.
    • Online: On the DOOR website, HERE, there is a DONATE button on the top of the page.  Let me know if you have trouble finding it. In the description field, indicate the city and person, as above.