Summer Session Ideas

I keep hearing from people who say they want to schedule a Photo Session, but they don't want to do it now because it's so hot. I get it.  I do.  It is HOT in Southeastern Oklahoma in the summertime.  It absolutely is.

But that shouldn't stop you from having your memories captured in a Photo Session.  I have so many great summertime memories from when I was a kid - Summer is filled with so many fun activities.  Summer deserves to be documented and photographed.

And there are so many ways to beat that heat!

Summer is a great chance for a more documentary-style, real moments, laid back Photo Session - which is my favorite anyways.  Here are some ideas that I think would make a fabulous Photo Session in the Summertime and you would have so much fun that they heat wouldn't bother you one bit!  I also made a Pinterest board for some more inspiration - so go check that out!

Summer Photo Session ideas

At home ideas:

indoor examples

There's no reason why your Photo Session has to take place outside.  Why not spend at least some of it inside?  And what better place than your own home?  When I suggest using your own home for your session, I often hear people saying that there home is too small, too dirty, or just "not cool enough" but I promise that is not the case!  Your home is the single most important location in your life and you will want to remember it just the way it is!

  • Baking cookies is always one of my favorite ideas for a documentary Photo Session filled with real memories, no matter the time of year.  I think that's probably because I have so many great memories of baking with my mom as a kid.
  • Grilling, eating out on the deck, a standard summertime activity!
  • Gardening. Watering, weeding, harvesting, cooking with the produce, canning/preserving the produce - all wonderful family moments!
  • Playing on the bed.  Tickle fights, cuddling, reading together.

Indoor Public Spaces:

We'd have to get permission before we head over to any of these public spaces, but most of the time they're okay with it!  Take advantage or that air conditioning!

  • Your favorite ice cream shop or restaurant.
  • Arcade.  Video games, laughing, and
  • Bowling Alley.  Pizza, strikes, cheering people on.

Fun Outdoor Activities:

outdoor examples

Okay, so it might still be hot, but the truth is that if you can get out and do these things without a camera in front of you, there's no reason not to!

  • Running through the sprinkler or playing in the pool
  • Water balloons and water gun fights.
  • Fun at the lake: a picnic dinner, fishing, and boating.


There's no need to postpone your photo session because of the heat.

But, if you want to wait until it cools down a bit more, that's okay too.  But beware that my Fall schedule tends to fill up quickly as people think about Christmas cards, so you'll want to get on my schedule early.  You can book your Fall Session now if you'd like!

Want to book your session now?  Send me an email if you have any questions at all - to or click here to book now.


Megan Schreurs is a Southeastern Oklahoma Photographer specializing in authentic documentary and lifestyle family, senior, and couple photography.  Contact her to book your own Photo Session today!