Story Time!

So here's a cool story for

My mom's sunday school is reading a book about how "Nothing is Impossible with God." A few weeks ago, they were challenged to pray all week for something that seemed impossible. So my mom decided to pray for three things, at varying degrees of "impossibility" She prayed everyday all week for these things:

  1. That Jonathan would sell his car quickly and get a reasonable amount for it. His car threw a rod in the engine on his way home for Christmas break, so he was trying to sell it for a few hundred dollars over break. But he didn't sell it before he had to go back to school, so he left it for Dad to sell for him. Mom said "This seemed pretty impossible because that car really is a piece of junk."
  2. My uncle lost his job a few months ago and
    has had a hard time since. He tried to start his own business, which has kind of failed. Now he is working part-time at Lowes and trying to get his business going. My aunt has been telling us that she thinks he's depressed. But everytime she brought up that maybe he should go to the doctor, he got really mad at her. So Mom's prayer was that Uncle Brian would go to the doctor without Aunt Amy having to say
    anything at all to him.
  3. The last thing, the "most impossible" was that I would get a car. In the words of Mom, "I figured that was pretty impossible because you just don't have enough money to buy a car so for you to get one, basically someone would just have to give you a car totally out of the blue."

My mom told me this story on a Saturday
afternoon, right before I left to come back to Northwestern after Christmas Break. The day before she told me, on Friday morning, Dad sold Jonathan's car for $200, which Jonathan was thrilled with. Friday afternoon, Aunt Amy called mom, all excited, and said that Uncle Brian had just told her that he'd made a doctor's appointment and he asked her to go with him! She said she had't said anything to him about it all week. Saturday morning, my mom got a phone call. One of the first days had been home over break, we went shopping at a mall near Dallas. In the mall,they had a "Register to Win this Free Car!!!" thing and my sister insisted upon signing my
mom up for it. Saturday, the phone call was from the people at the mall- they said that Mom had won a trip and was one of the finalists for the car. Then they went through all the fine print and stuff to see if Mom met all the requirements to actually be able to win. There are a lot of requirements and somehow, Mom met every single one. So, isn't that awesome!? I can't decide if I should plan on getting this car or if God made his point just through the phone call... Either way it is AMAZING! It just goes to show that NOTHING is impossible with God. As much as I would love a car, especially to get one in such a great way - everytime I got in that car would be a reminder of God's power - I don't care if she doesn't win it. I just love the story!