sometimes it's the little things.

This week, I struggled a little bit.  All of these relationships - with my housemates, with coworkers, and with my Elders - are so surface-y right now.  They are all still in the beginning phases.   And that's frustrating to me.  I want those deep relationships and conversations.  But we're not ready for those yet.
And so on Thursday, I was kind of dreading my trip to one of my nursing homes.  Sitting there with a woman who I've only met once and trying to make conversation by asking her about her likes and dislikes, about the weather, about anything I can think of - it didn't really seem very meaningful to me.  I was wondering what the point was.  But I did it anyways, because that's my job.
I got to her room and we talked about the weather, about some of the going-ons in the nursing home, about how things were going at Little Brothers, and all that normal stuff.  When we ran out of topics and there was a lull in the conversation, I decided to ask her if there was anything she wanted.  There is a Walgreens across the street from her nursing home and I told her I could run over there and buy something for her if she wanted - maybe some ice cream or fruit or something?   She responded with a very excited "Oooooh, I've been wanting some ice cream so badly for the past few days!  I prayed that God would bring me some ice cream and here you are!"

With that, I realized that it isn't always the big things, but sometimes all these people need is someone to bring them ice cream.  And when you're stuck in a bed day in and day out at the mercy of whatever's on tv and whatever food they serve you, that might be a really big thing.