Some thoughts on Session Locations

Let me tell you a little secret. Location doesn't matter nearly as much as you think it does.  Or, at least not in the way you think it does.


Contrary to popular belief, the location of your Photo Session doesn't have to be a beautiful park, or a giant empty field, or a spot downtown with awesome architecture.  I promise.

But don't take my word for it.  Let me prove it to you!


Take Keely's Session for example.  Remember her Senior Photos?  They must have been in some gorgeous location, right?  NOT!

Hugo OK Senior Photographer


Let's take a closer look at where we took her Senior Photos:

Hugo OK Senior Photographer

An overgrown, dirty old garage - in between the dumpster and the air conditioner.

Hugo OK Senior Photographer

The back of a shed, in front of the pile of debris.  It might look like a field of flowers, but in actuality there was only a tiny patch of yellow flowers!

Hugo OK Senior Photographer

The parking lot of the local pharmacy.

Hugo OK Senior Photographer

And the alley.


Nothing special. At all.

My knowledge of light and how my camera works means that I can make pretty much anywhere look pretty, so I can take your photos anywhere.


So if it's not about the location, then what?  

This is why I encourage my clients to choose a spot that is meaningful to them to have their Session.  How about your backyard - or your grandparents backyard?  Maybe your favorite store, the place where you like to go fishing, or outside of your school building.

Because twenty years from now, that's going to mean something to you.


Hugo OK Family Photographer

The Hellyer family had their session right at their house.  They're probably not going to live there forever, and in twenty years they're going to look at these photos and remember their first house.  When little Grayson is all grown up, he'll be able to show this to his kids and tell them about the house where he grew up.  That's what makes these more than just photos - these are memories, frozen in time.



Megan Schreurs is a fine art and portrait photographer in Hugo, Oklahoma and the surrounding area specializing in authentic documentary and lifestyle family, senior, and couple photography.  Also serving Antlers, Soper, Fort Towson, Sawyer, and Paris, TX.