As I prepare to leave in a week (can you believe that - time sure flies!) I find myself reminiscing about some of the times I've been to Chicago.  Growing up just a few hours away, Chicago was the "big city" that we didn't go to often, but it was always there if we needed to.  I remember annual high school field trips with my art class to the Art Institute.  Then, the summer after my Sophomore year of college I worked at Camp Manitoqua, in the Southern suburbs of Chicago, and sometimes on our weekends off we would go into the city for an adventure.  My Senior year of college, one of my good friends lived downtown Chicago for a semester for an internship and another friend and I went to visit her for a long weekend over our Easter Break.

These shots were taken on that last trip I mentioned, my last year of college.  On this day, the city was very foggy and the skyline disappeared into the fog.