Random p&w ramblings…

Well, tonight at P&W, the speaker really spoke to me.

First, he challenged us to surrender our lives to God and not to "live by a checklist" – focused on achievements. He encouraged us to step away from that checklist and live for right now, for God. It was a good reminder to keep on striving to put God first in my life.

Second, he presented us with this question: "If you had ten minutes to tell someone about yourself, to make them really understand you and know who you are on a deeper level, what would you say?" I really have to think about that one. I just don't know. I feel really convicted to pray, without ceasing, that God would give me a purpose, a calling, for my life. For the last few years, this not knowing thing has worked out okay; it has forced me to focus on things other than goals and accomplishments, but I think the time has come and I need to discover my vocare, if you will. J I really believe that God has a purpose for me; He just hasn't shown it to me, for whatever reason. But I think it's time.