Pride vs. Self Esteem

This Wednesday, I have a meeting (via telephone) with the VP of Design at a big ad agency in Sioux Falls.  A friend of a friend works there and forwarded my resume/portfolio website to him. Even though they don't have any positions open right now, he said "I’d be happy to talk with you about what we look for and how to you can best present your work." 
Sounds awesome, right?  I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn and grow, until I started thinking a little more.  Then I started wondering and worrying - what is he going to say?  What if he thinks it sucks?  What if he tells me that I'm wasting my time?  That I'll never be able to get a job in Graphic Design?  What am I going to do then?

Last night, I laid in bed, thinking about this.  I thought "Why am I doubting myself so much?  Aren't I good at what I do?  People tell me that, right?  Are they just being nice?  Or maybe they just don't know what they're talking about?   No, that's not it.  I'm good at it.  I am."  
I had myself convinced for a little while.  Then I thought "Gosh, Megan, don't you believe in yourself at all?  Don't you have any self-esteem?"
"That's not self-esteem," I thought, "That's just pride. Pride is bad.  I'm supposed to be humble.  This is good."

And that's where I got really confused and gave up and went to sleep.  

What's the difference between pride and self-esteem?  Humility and doubting myself?   Take a look for yourself!  One of the definitions of pride is self-esteem!  Over half of that list are things that I would say are not very Godly.  Maybe we are not supposed to have any self-esteem.