On Straddling Two Worlds - Or Twelve.

This year, I feel like I'm constantly straddling two worlds.
  • Balancing between the poor neighborhood that I live in and the rich neighborhood that I go to work in every day. 
  • Sandwiched in the middle of the people who know me, but are far away, and the people who don't know me but surround me here. 
  • Stuck in the middle of the Conservative Christian world and the Liberal Christian world. 
  • And for that matter, between the Christian world and the non-Christian world. 
  • Between my very single self and all of my (many) married friends. 
  • Straddling the photography community and my everyday real life, where few people even know I take photos. 
  • Between the old people that I work with and the young person that I am.
Truthfully, it's a lonely place to be.
And I'm constantly wishing that people understood each other.  I wish that we would take the time to care about people who are different than we are.  That we would ask genuine questions and look beyond ourselves.  That we would accept and LOVE each other for our diversity, not in spite of it.
(Random photo from a recent trip to the Shedd Aquarium with some "old friends" from Little Brothers, just because this post needed a photo)