On resting.

I think one of the biggest and most important things that I've learned so far this year is the importance of resting.  There's a reason God put Sabbath in the Ten Commandments.  He's just looking out for us!
My work at Little Brothers Monday through Thursday really exhausts me. 
Not because I don't enjoy it.  I really, honestly do.   
Not because I think it's the wrong place for me.  I absolutely believe it is.
It just takes everything out of me.
It requires more patience, understanding, love, and unselfishness that I could ever give, so it's totally on Jesus to supply me with those things.

My biggest prayer these days goes something like this:  
"Jesus fill me up with Your love, 
so that I can give it all away to the people I encounter today."  
I want to be empty.  It means I'm doing what I'm supposed to.

But once I'm empty, I need to be filled back up.
So when I have a day off, I need to enjoy it to its fullest potential.  That means sleeping in when I can, going to bed early if I want to, talking on the phone with friends who know me best, singing at the top of my lungs, watching Netflix, and reading my Bible.  Some days it means I need to be with people, and some days it means I need a day away from people, maybe a whole day spent at the library.  Mostly, it means resting in Jesus' love and letting Him fill me back up so that I can pour it out again next week.  This is absolutely essential if I'm going to do my best to be Jesus hands in the coming days.

January is always the hardest time of year for me.  I hate winter.  It's dark and cold and dead and boring and just sad.  And this is the worst winter that Chicago has seen in a lot of years, so some days it takes everything in me to get out of my warm bed in the morning.

Will you pray that for me?  
That Jesus would fill me up and prepare me for each day, so that I can be emptied again?  It would mean so much for me.