Oh man.

Tonight was an interesting one.

After I ate supper, I thought I would run to the library to get a book to read - I've been needing a new book all week.
I thought I would be back before dark.  Wrong.
I thought my phone had plenty of battery.  Wrong again.
I thought I had my keys with me.  Wrong once again.

See where this is going?  Yeah.

I made it to the library fine, but then I spent too long looking at books and it was getting dark when I checked out my books and left.  Oops.  But I figured I'd be okay.  Then, using Google Maps on my phone, I attempted to find the right bus stop (I had never been to this particular library before, so it was completely new for me).  I proceeded to take several wrong turns, walk past some very sketchy looking groups of people, ignore several young men who made some interesting comments towards me, and finally find a bus that was familiar.  Meanwhile, while I am wandering around, my phone died (despite it saying that it still had 15% battery left).  And it was also around this time that I realized that I had left my keys to our house on the dining room table.

So now I'm standing at the bus stop in a not-so-good part of town, avoiding eye contact with everyone who walked past me, freaking out that I don't have any keys, my phone is dead, and honestly I wasn't even sure this was the right bus.

But God is good.  It was the right bus, and I spent the entire bus ride praying.  I am so thankful that was my first instinct in this situation - to pray.  As soon as I uttered those first words in prayer, I felt this enormous sense of peace wash over me and I went from freaking out to knowing that somehow, things would be okay.  So I prayed over and over, "God, help me here. I don't know what I'm doing, I don't know how to fix this. Help me."  I finally made it to a bus stop I recognized, got off the bus and walked towards home.  I had this thought that I would be able to turn on my phone just long enough to call my housemate, Billy, to have him unlock the door.  And I did - my phone turned on for about 30 seconds, just long enough to make that one call and Billy was waiting for me at the door when I walked up to our house.

Thankful.  So thankful.  And my lesson is learned.