October - Days 70-100/365

October was a beautiful, crazy month.  I went did some major travelling three out of the four weekends.  I figured it out, and I was in 10 states last month.  I went to Iowa for Homecoming at my Alma Mater, to Illinois to visit friends in the town I grew up in, and to Wisconsin for a weekend at a cabin with my best friends from college.  It was a fabulous reminder that I do have friends - they just live hundreds of miles away.   Really though, it was a month filled with laughing, visiting, and love.  On top of that, I was able to go back to work after two months of forced time "off" while my company went through some major changes.  I'm thankful to be back at work, but getting back into the groove of things is crazy.  And on top of that, my boss fell and shattered her elbow and has been out for two weeks, leaving the rest of us scrambling to figure out things and pick up some of her duties.

And that is why I have been terribly absent this month.  I'm sorry.

I may not have taken a photo a day in October, but I did take plenty of pictures!  So, I decided what I would do is choose 31 photos and post one for each day, even if it wasn't taken on that day.  That way, I'm not behind of my project and you still get a very good glimpse of my month.

Here we go: