Let's talk about the weather.

Apparently, Chicago doesn't believe in Snow Days. 
Well, I guess the schools do - the schools have had several snow days this year, but for most of the adult population, life just continues, whether or not the roads are plowed. 
I really shouldn't be surprised; it's a part of the city culture - most businesses in a busy city aren't willing to give up a day of valuable work just because of a little snow.  Maybe I got a little wimpy in my two years of southern living in Hugo.
I've really never liked winter.  I've certainly experienced bad winters before, though.  I lived most of my life in places that definitely experienced winter - Pennsylvania, Central Illinois, and definitely Iowa.  My college years in Northwestern Iowa were pretty brutal.  Very cold and a LOT of snow.
Cue the old photos, from the winter of 2010 of the snow on NWC's campus.  It was seriously up to my waist, with drifts much higher than that.  I think if I would have tried to leave the sidewalks I would have been buried alive.

So yeah, I've dealt with a lot of snow before.  Really, Chicago hasn't had as much snow and the temperatures have been less cold than Orange City on average.  And the snow here actually melts, sometimes, before we get another round.
So why does this winter seem so bad to me?  Well, for starters, I have to spend a lot more time out in the cold.  Time waiting for the bus.  Time on the bus, which isn't usually very cozy either.  Time walking to the bus.  Time waiting for the El.  Time in and out of cars as I visit elders with Little Brothers.  It really adds up.  I probably spend a good couple of hours outside every day.  That's a lot of time spent all bundled up.  I absolutely can't wait until I can go out with just one layer of pants and socks (most days I wear two pairs of leggings under my pants and around four pairs of socks.  For real).  Let alone, being able to wear skirts and sandals again!  I dream about it!  And to be able to sit on the bench by the bus stop again - these days it's covered in snow.  But anyways, I just to get inside and un-bundled as quickly as I can.  It's just a little snow.
I mean, I've been told that this is the worst winter Chicago has seen in over 40 years!  I guess I just picked a really good winter to spend in Chicago, huh?  This one has definitely left me more sure than ever that I hate winter!