The Allred Family | Hugo Oklahoma Family Photographer

I got to photograph the Allred family in an in-home session a while back (I'm so far behind on blogging...oops!) and it was just the best!  Even though they were doing some renovations on a lot of their house so we didn't have as many options, we were able to make their pancake making work even without a kitchen - proof that your house doesn't have to be anything perfect to have your pictures in it. It's your home, and I think that capturing that environment is important, just like capturing your kids just the way they are - before they grow up any more! That's why I love photographing families in their homes. Plus, the kids are more comfortable and able to be their real selves. So the Allreds made chocolate chip pancakes. And they caught chocolate chips in their mouths. And they laughed. And they snuggled on the couch. And there was just a little wrestling. And then they did a cool science experiment. And it was all beautiful, not because of what they were wearing or their perfect smiles, but because love is beautiful.

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