•  I'm exhausted.  All the time.  Starting a new job in a new place is tiring stuff
  • .My feet are killing me.  So much walking and standing, everyday.  It doesn't even matter what shoes I wear.
  •  I'm hot.  I've been so spoiled by central air conditioning in my life and on a day like today (upper 90s), it's hard!
  •  I'm feeling pretty lonely this week.  I miss my family.  Both of my housemates have good friends close by who they've been able to see to, so that leaves me feeling sad and alone (Come visit me, People!)
  •  I worry way too much.  "Living Simply" means that my financial cushions are gone and that leaves me having to trust God in new ways.  And that's something that I've always struggled with.
  • My commute to work is long (45 minutes - via two very crowded buses) and getting home when it's nearly 6 is hard.
  • Everything is new and different and unfamiliar.  Sometimes I just long for an hour of familiarity.

But, at the same time
  •  I love Chicago.  So much, already.
  • I'm feeling pretty good about getting around the city.  Thanks to Google Maps and a smartphone (and a good understanding of "the grid system") I don't think I could get lost if I tried.  And this was one of my biggest worries before coming here.
  • My housemates and I are growing closer and coming "out of our shells" more each day.
  • The people, even in our "bad" neighborhood, have been very kind.  I'm looking forward to getting to know them this year.
  • I was able to make plans today to go to a good friend's wedding in Oct, which gives me something wonderful to look forward to!
  • Work is good.  Really good. I think it's going to be a really good fit for me this year.
  • Trusting God more is always a good thing.

It's not all sunshine and rainbows and smiley faces.
It's hard, even though it's good.
I covet your prayers and encouragement so much.