Hi there!

Hi, blog readers!  I apologize for how quiet I've been recently.
Truth is, there isn't a lot to write about right now.  Things here in Chicago are going well.
It's been very cold.  Maybe you heard about the "Polar Vortex".  It was real. 
(NOTE: I did not take this photo, I got it from this article.  I didn't take any photos during "Chiberia" because I stayed inside as much as possible.  -40 windchill? No thank you.)
So, yeah, January in Chicago means a lot of time spent inside.  It means baking cookies and game nights with my roommates.  It means snuggling under lots of blankets with a good book.  It's good, but I'm ready for Spring.  I love Springtime so much, and I have a feeling it's going to be especially good this year after a yucky winter.
Things at Little Brothers are going well.  I feel like I am getting to know my elders, that I visit on a regular basis, better.  So I know more what they like - who to suggest going out to lunch, even though it's cold out; who to bring cards for a games; who I need to catch up on my current events because they like to talk about the news.  Overall, my elders are pretty cooped up these days, not getting out a lot because of the weather.  Last week I brought lunch over to one of my ladies and she told me that she hasn't been outside since November because her doctor told her that she shouldn't go out until it gets above 40 degrees.  Yikes!  I would go crazy!
Let's see, what else is going on?
I had the flu for a few days.  It was not much fun.
I went to a "Martin Luther King, Jr. Praise and Worship Celebration" on Friday night.
We had lunch with Glenn, the Executive Director of DOOR, while he was in town for a Board meeting.  He had lots of good questions for us and I enjoyed talking with him about how the year is going.
I spent a Saturday afternoon at the "big library" downtown, which I had been wanting to do since getting to Chicago.  8 Floors of books.  Good stuff.
Here are some recent photos from my Instagram account:

Yeah, that's about it.  Sorry for the lack of exciting things to write about!