Happy Tuesday!

Hi friends!  How are you all doing?  I feel so out of the loop with all of you - Cornerstone/HES people, Hugo church people, NWC people, YAVers, all of you - comment and tell me about your life!

Life is moving right along.  I've started my third week of working at Little Brothers now.  For the first two weeks, I followed some of the other PAs (Program Assistants - that's what I am).  So I got to go with them as they visited their Elders and see how they did things.  It was good to see how everyone else does things and to spend some time with each of the PAs (I think there are 11 of us) to get to know them a bit.  But starting this week, I get to go with my PC (Program Coordinator, who is in charge of the area that I'm working in - his name is Jonathan) to meet some of the Elders that I will be working with this year.  Again, good to meet them and to get Jonathan's insight, as someone who knows them and tell me about their likes, dislikes, and quirks.
I am also excited about the community of Little Brothers - the other PAs are pretty cool, so I'm looking forward to getting to know them more this year too.

This weekend, both of my housemates were gone.  Clarissa was back home in Kansas for a wedding she was in and Billy spent the weekend in the suburbs with his Aunt.  So I was left here all alone, which, if you know me very well, I'm not a huge fan of.  I'd rather be with people than by myself, so I was a bit nervous about it, to be honest.  But it was good.
I spent Friday and Saturday evenings both on the couch, watching movies, reading, and doodling.  Saturday during the day I went out exploring - downtown, to a few parks, I rode the Brown Line all the way to the end, watched the Mexican Independence Parade for a while, took some photos, and just enjoyed the City.  It's crazy how many options there are of what to do with myself.  It's a bit overwhelming, really.
Then on Sunday, I did some church shopping and checked out two (!!) churches.  In the morning I went to "City Church," which was good, but not quite my style.  It was very young, urban, and hip.  I didn't feel like I was cool enough to be there.  And then I went to an evening service at Holy Covenant United Methodist Church with a friend who I worked with at Camp Manitoqua a few years back.  It was nice to see Katie, and I enjoyed the small, relaxed church service, but it took me over an hour to get there (in Lincoln Park) so I'm not sure how practical it would be for me to go there often.  We'll see though.  Oh, and I even ran into one of my fellow PAs that I work with at Little Brothers who goes to that church, so that was cool!  I also got a list of churches to check out from some other friends and Krista (the Site Coordinator here in Chicago).  I'm hoping to find a good church that feels like home too and get plugged into that.

P.S.  Did you check out the new Prayer Requests page?  You can also get there over on the right sidebar, and I will keep it up to date with current ways you can be praying for me.