Friday Macros

Friday Macro images are quickly becoming a tradition for me.  After a long week at school, I just love to come home, get out my camera (which has often gotten buried under other stuff all week long) and head outside to explore my neighborhood in search for some pretties in the afternoon light.  It's such a creative release for me, a time to let go of everything from the week and just focus on the beauty around me and the technicalities of my camera.  

The trees have leaves again, which I love!  I love the way the light shines through the leaves and they glow. :)

And I got a Lensbaby a few weeks ago, but I haven't played with it a lot yet.  Focusing with this thing is HARD, but it is a good kind of challenge.
(For the non-photographers among us, a Lensbaby is a type of lens that produced the blurry edges around the photos above)

Happy weekend, friends!