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Hey guys!  Did you know that you can subscribe to my blog via email so that whenever I post something new, you'll receive an email about it?  It's probably the best way for you to stay on top of this blog, so go do it right now!

  • On the right side of my blog, scroll down just a little and you'll see where it says "Subscribe by email"
  • Just put your email address in that box and press the submit button
  • Then another box will pop up and you'll have to type the text you see - just to make sure that you are a real person.  Then you press "Complete Subscription Request"
  • And that's it!
See how easy that was?!
Now you'll know when I update the blog so you'll be more aware of what I'm up to and how you can pray for me!
I am now in Chicago!! We have orientation here this week, so we are learning some history of the city, getting to know the CTA, etc.  I think I'll have some free time this weekend, so I'll try to post again then.  Love!
Oh, also, comments really make my day, so please leave me a comment if you read!  I love it!