Easter Break

Well, it's Easter Break and I am home. Or I guess I should say I'm in Oklahoma, with my family. But whatever, it's AWESOME!
I didn't really think that I'd be able to get home for such a short time. But God knew that I needed it and provided a way for me to get here, even if it was crazy... (I rode with a friend from school who lives in Newton, KS - by Wichita - and we left at 3:30pm Wednesday, my mom picked me up in Newton at 11pm and we drove the rest of the way and got here at 6am)
Be here is really great. I am reminded how wonderful my family is.
The weather is beautiful. I just want to sit outside, all the time - which I have done some of... There's green grass and leaves on the trees and temps in the 70s- it's like summer!
We have a new kitten. Becca named her Bella. They got her last week I think (or maybe two weeks ago) after Sadie died - sad :( - and I have been hearing all kinds of stories about her, so I'm glad to actually see her. She's adorable! Playful and funny and cute and cuddly all rolled into one tiny kitty... without a tail. Yep, that's right she has no tail...
I am going to take Bella to visit my mom's classroom this afternoon, so that should be an interesting experience... They want to see her, so Mom asked me to... Plus I can use a break from my homework.
I found out that I got the job with Camp Manitoqua! Details still have to be figured out, but right now it looks like I will be in Illinois for the summer! I'm excited - the position is a combination of Preschool Day Camp counselor and Arts and Crafts which I think I will love! I just have to figure out how (and if) I can swing Washington and Aunt Libby's wedding along with it... I sure hope I can!
Jonathan is coming tomorrow I think and then the whole family will be here. I can't wait! There may be a trip to Paris to see The Hannah Montana movie sometime. My homework load isn't too bad this weekend. Mom and I watched High School Musical 3 last night. Bella likes me; actually she won't leave me alone. Life is good. And I really needed this break.

Also, I am reading Gracious Christianity for my Theology class. The subtitle is "Living the Love we Profess" if that tells you anything... It's exactly what I need to read. I want to finish reading it before I write too much, but you can be looking forward to a post about it because I already have lots of thoughts about it...