Days 49 - 54

I have not forgotten this time - I've decided to do one upload over the weekend for the whole week's photos instead of a separate post each day.  It's just so much easier to handle that way.  Here are this weeks:
Another week when I can't work.  The company I work for is undergoing some big changes and we have to wait for everything to go through with the state's approval, which has meant close to two months of unexpected time without work for me.  I have been filling it with projects around the house and some freelance design work.  And this week I was sick, so lots of time was spent reading & watching movies (thankful for netflix on demand).

 DAY 49 :  Bella always has to be right in the middle of the action.
 DAY 50 : I can't even tell you how thankful I am for technology that allows me to spend time seeing and talking and laughing with friends who are 891 miles away.  I have the greatest friends.
DAY 51: A trip to the library for books to fill my sick time. 
DAY 52 : I baked a yummy cake.
DAY 53 : This little locket has quite the back story.  I was going through some old boxes that have been in my parent's storage closet for years and found it.  When I was 7, we moved from Iowa to Pennsylvania and I left my very best friend, Laura, in Iowa.  I remember crying for months because I missed her so much.  Before we left, she gave me this beautiful locket with her picture inside it.  It was my most prized possession as a child.  Laura and I wrote letters to each other all the way through high school, visited every few years, and actually ended up going to the same college.  I was so happy to find it in a box!
DAY 54 : There were stray kittens in the neighbor's bushes.  They wouldn't let me pet or hold them, but I had a great time trying! :)