Well, I'm currently on a Megabus heading back to Chicago after a weekend with friends in Holland, Michigan.  I'll get home around 10pm, unpack, throw in a load of laundry, and re-pack because tomorrow I'm heading out for the week with Little Brothers.  Each summer the elders who are a part of LBFE have the chance to go the the vacation house a couple of hours away from the city to spend a week together.  So this week I'm going with as a volunteer.  I'll get to meet and hopefully get to know a lot of new "old friends."  After that, one more week with LBFE before my year with them is over. I'd appreciate prayers - that I can be well-rested tomorrow and all week, that God would provide extra love, patience, and kindness for the elders, and that things come together (not as I want, but as He will use me) for the next chapter of life.