Hugo OK Photographer | Transition Retreat at Ghost Ranch

Most of you know, but I just completed a year of Service in inner-city Chicago.  It was an amazing year of new places, new experiences, and of learning how to live simply and rely on God to supply what I need.  It was a year of Loving People; all sorts of people - from homeless elementary students, to lonely elderly people, to housemates and friends.  If you haven't already, you can read the collection of blog posts from my year HERE. My year in Chicago was through the YAV (Young Adult Volunteer) Program with the PC(USA), which has many sites both in the US and overseas.  There were somewhere around 70 YAVs worldwide during the 13-14 year.  We met each other during a week of Orientation before we started our years, kept in touch via facebook and each other's blogs, and were reunited recently for a long weekend of Transition Retreat in New Mexico.

YAV Transition Retreat Ghost Ranch

Yes, it absolutely was that gorgeous.

To sum it up, Transition Retreat was a time to share and process the stories of our years with a group of people who "get it" because although no one experienced exactly what we did in the last year, these people have done something similar.  They understand why we spent a year of our life living in a new place, giving up material things, and serving God by serving the Least of These.

The Tag Line of the YAV program is "A Year of Service for a Lifetime of Change" - and as the leaders of our retreat said "You've done the Year of Service, now it's time for the lifetime of change."

And now, a bunch of pretty pictures of an incredibly beautiful place!

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Coming Soon: Fine Art Prints & Products!

My first photography love has always been Fine Art - floral, landscape, and still life images.  People have been asking me for years when I'm going to start selling prints, and I'm happy to announce that the answer is finally SOON!!  Sign up here to be the first to hear all the details: Hugo OK Fine Art Photography Senior Family Couple Photographer


Megan Schreurs is a fine art and portrait photographer in Hugo, Oklahoma and the surrounding area specializing in authentic documentary and lifestyle family, senior, and couple photography.  Also serving Antlers, Soper, Fort Towson, Sawyer, and Paris, TX.

A Different View: Chicago Architecture Tour

I'm spending the next week as basically a tourist in Chicago.  Sure, I've been living here for nearly a year, but I haven't gotten a chance to do a lot of things yet.  With a few days off and my mom in town visiting, it's the perfect time!  We started yesterday with a cold and dreary architecture boat tour on Lake Michigan and the Chicago River.  How cool to see the city from a different angle! Chicago Architecture Tour  landscape skyline city photography

10 on 10 | August 2013

Whew!  It's been a crazy month, so picking just 10 photos was realllllly hard this time around.  But I decided to mainly focus on our trip to Washington state (Whidbey Island and Lynden) to visit my extended family.  It was gorgeous, as always.  One of my very favorite places and this trip sure didn't disappoint!
The beautiful summer flowers have been in bloom, so I've gotten some fun floral macro shots too lately that I just couldn't resist sharing. :)
By this time next month I'll be in Chicago, starting my big Chicago adventure, so that will certainly be a big change around here!
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Be Loved

February...  The month of love.  Some people might think that a single woman in her mid 20's would dread Valentine's Day, but that's so not true for me.  I may not have a husband/boyfriend/fiancee, but I have plenty of love that I am glad for a chance to celebrate.  

Mostly, though, I took this holiday as a chance to celebrate the love of my Heavenly Father.  His love is like none other and I am so thankful for the peace, comfort, and joy that it brings me.  On days when I feel alone, He opens my eyes to the beauty that he's created all around me. 
My beloved speaks and says to me:

“Arise, my love, my beautiful one,

    and come away,


for behold, the winter is past;

    the rain is over and gone.


The flowers appear on the earth,

    the time of singing has come."

Song of Solomon 2:10-12

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Landscapes: Second Attempt

After this attempt didn't go quite how I'd imagined it, I spent some time this weekend reading up on landscapes and decided to give it another try.  I dragged my mom and my camera bag to the state park outside of town around the time of the sunset.  I had a blast and came back with quite a few keepers!  I can definitely see landscape photography something that I learn to love!