the story behind the design: set your mind on things above

Set your mind on things above, handlettering It's so easy for me (and I think everyone else too) to get caught up in the negative.  I hear about the latest tragedy, I see hurting people, I read the news, I have a bad day, I listen to the complaining and negativity and it starts to take root in my heart.  Pretty soon I start to forget about the good.  I forget that we have a God who has overcome it all and He promises good things for us.  There are a lot of bad things in this world, but I want to be the type of person who sets her mind on things above, the things of God - the good things.

Instead of whining and dwelling on all the bad, I want to notice the beautiful flowers, to smile at strangers, to remember God's promises, to count my many blessings, and to shine as brightly as I can.

So that's why I created this new design, to remind me to set my mind on the things above.

How do you keep your heart and mind positive in this crazy world we live in?