A Year: Long but Short

* When I started this "Year of Service" I thought a year was a long time.  * But now, as I look at my calendar and count my days left, it feels so short. 

* Mid-way through the year, around February, when I was feeling lonely and really cold and just plain worn out, I felt like a year was a really, really long time.

* As I think about the relationships I've started, I want more time.  In many ways, I feel like I'm just starting to know my elders.

* When I think about everything I've learned and experienced, I feel like a year must be a long time because so much has happened.

* But as I think about the things I haven't gotten to experience, it doesn't feel long enough.


I'm trying to finish my year well but truth be told, there are a lot of distractions:  friends who want to hang out one last time, city things that I haven't gotten to do yet, the future to worry about,  packing to start, and a sinus infection that makes me want to curl into fetal position and cry because it hurts so much.

I have just one more visit with each of my elders; one more chance to show them love.

I'd appreciate your prayers.