October - Days 70-100/365

October was a beautiful, crazy month.  I went did some major travelling three out of the four weekends.  I figured it out, and I was in 10 states last month.  I went to Iowa for Homecoming at my Alma Mater, to Illinois to visit friends in the town I grew up in, and to Wisconsin for a weekend at a cabin with my best friends from college.  It was a fabulous reminder that I do have friends - they just live hundreds of miles away.   Really though, it was a month filled with laughing, visiting, and love.  On top of that, I was able to go back to work after two months of forced time "off" while my company went through some major changes.  I'm thankful to be back at work, but getting back into the groove of things is crazy.  And on top of that, my boss fell and shattered her elbow and has been out for two weeks, leaving the rest of us scrambling to figure out things and pick up some of her duties.

And that is why I have been terribly absent this month.  I'm sorry.

I may not have taken a photo a day in October, but I did take plenty of pictures!  So, I decided what I would do is choose 31 photos and post one for each day, even if it wasn't taken on that day.  That way, I'm not behind of my project and you still get a very good glimpse of my month.

Here we go:

Days 63-69

It was such a rainy, dreary week. It was hard to take pictures because the rain makes me want to do nothing but lay in my bed and watch netflix. But I prevailed and I got some good shots this week! I also did a lot of photography reading and research and a few lightbulb moments!
Tomorrow begins my crazy month of October – I go back to work and I have plans to be travelling every single weekend. It’s going to be nuts, so I can’t promise anything as far as posting photos, especially to the blog. Chances are better for posting to facebook, so if you don’t already follow my photography there, please do!
 Day 63:  I took my tripod and remote out to the backyard to try a self portrait.  Harder than I thought it would be!
 Day 64:  For some reason, I always find the shower to be one of the most inspiring places.  Something about it, I always get really good ideas! :)  I noticed how cool my "loofah" is, and after I got out of the shower, I came back with camera and got some pretty neat shots. 
Day 65: Bella is such a scaredy cat!  I don't even know what she was scared of, probably a bug, but she was hiding under my chair.  Silly kitty!
 Day 66:  Rain.  Can't wait until I get my macro lens so I can get proper shots like this.  
Day 67:  Raindrops on roses.
 Day 68: Raindrops on car windows.
Day 69:  Leaves in puddles.

Days 55-62

Another week.  Nothing too exciting, as you can see from the photos.  I did get a tripod this week, but didn't get too much time to play with it.  I'm looking forward to using it for some long exposures and self portraits though!  Also, taking a picture every day is becoming less of a burden and more normal, so yay! My project seems to be working!  I'm getting my camera out every day AND becoming much more comfortable with it!

Day 55:  I made cheesy potato soup!  Actually, it was the first time I've ever made soup!  And I must say, it was pretty dang good! :)

Day 56:  The story behind this photo...  This road is the back way to school.  I don't drive the back way very often, but every time I do I always think to myself "I should really take a picture of the way the trees go over the road like that."  Well, I finally did it!  I convinced my mom to go with me; we had to park a ways down the road and walk.  She was my lookout, making sure that no cars came to run me over.  We were a bit too late and there wasn't very much light left, but I'm proud of myself for finally doing it!

Day 57:  It's starting to look like fall in our driveway!  Unfortunately, it's not because it's actually like fall (it's still in the 90s most days) but because the leaves are getting all dried up because of the drought.  I can pretend, though.  Side note - I've lived in Oklahoma for just over a year and I'm already saying what I swore I never would...  I miss fall and *gasp* even winter!  I am so ready to wear jeans and a sweatshirt and curl up with a mug of hot chocolate and some knitting...

Day 58:  You can tell I've been sick because there are cough drop wrappers all over this place!  I'm feeling much better now, though!

Day 59:  I thought I was going to be really cool and learn how to change my own oil instead of having to take it somewhere every time.  Yeah, I failed.  My dad tried to help me, but we couldn't get the stupid thing unscrewed for anything!  I felt totally lame taking it to the place... :(

Day 60:  Yeah, nothing exciting today, so here's a photo of my laundry...

There's this cool grass that has these fluffy things in it.  It's weird, but also cool.  It looks so soft!

Day 62:  I hate grasshoppers.  I think they're gross.  But this one was just sitting there waiting for me to take it's picture. I didn't have any choice.

Day 38/365

Today is a couch + book kind of day.

Edited to add:
Here's the truth: I never didn't actually sit on that couch or read that book.  I was going to, really, I promise.  But then I had to take the photo first and then I came to the computer edited it, posted it, got really distracted online, and then it was time to go to my meeting and I didn't get a chance.  Sad day, I really wanted to read that book!  Maybe tonight.  But honestly, probably not.

Day 27 - 32

Almost a whole week behind... yikes.  Playing catch-up today!

Stained glass at church after everyone left and we turned off the lights.  The light shining through was too much, I couldn't resist!

I swear the dishes were multiplying - just when I thought I was done, I'd turn around and find another pile that I'd missed!

Sitting on the porch with my brother and Bella stood by the door.  I could tell she wanted to come sit with us. :)

I installed more ram on my computer all by myself!  It was incredibly easy, really!

My mom needed 3D shapes for school, so I made some for her.  And they were so fun and colorful!

Time for a new sketchbook since the old one is falling apart!