Well, camp is better now. That last post was one of the first days of being here. It was SO overwhelming. Now I've been here for a week and a half, I feel like I know most everyone's names; I've had a week of training; and I've even made some friends. It's still overwhelming - the kids come on Monday and I still have a lot of planning to do in the art hut - but it's okay now.
I am really looking forward to this next week even tho I know it's not going to go smoothly. I just want to see what it's gonna be like so I can get a better picture of what the summer is going to be like - what kind of routine is it, etc...
After a week of training, we have Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off. I still have a lot of planning and finishing projects and setting up to do, but it's nice to take a little down time before the kids come.Justify Full
We did some fun things as a part of orientation/training. First, on Sunday we went to the "Adventure Zone." The AZ is a part of camp with lots of exciting things for the kids to do. So before we have a chance to take kids there and for teamwork building, they had us go and experience some of the things that the AZ has to offer. First, the high ropes course. If you're unfamiliar with wat that is, like I was, here's a pic:

This isn't exactly what the ropes course at Manitoqua is like, but it's pretty similar. For some reason I didn't even think to take my camera to the AZ... So yeah, you have this harness on and you climb up there and you just cross all these challenges. I was more scared than I expected to be. I've never been afraid of heights, but when the only thing holding me up from hundreds of feet in the air was one rope, it was scary. When I got down, and un-clenched my hands, it hurt so bad from holding on so tight... Then we climbed a rock wall and went down a zipline. It was tons of fun, but also challenging. And exhausting.
We also went downtown Chicago for an evening. We ate Chicago pizza and then walked downtown, went to some shops, talked, and just took in the sights of the city.

I'll keep you updated on my adventures. I do have access to internet, so that's good!