Blog Circle : Be a Dreamer

Time for another Blog Circle with my friends from Light Inspired!  This months theme is "Be a Dreamer."

On the LI forum, a number of the ladies have been getting into film lately.  I would look at their photo posts and totally drool over them - the tones, the grain, the light, just the whole filmy, dreamy goodness.  I started looking for information about film cameras and one day I posted a question about camera models and next thing I know, my friend Jessica was telling me that she had a film camera that I could have if I just sent her my mailing address!  I was blown away by the kindness of someone who had never even met me in real life!
So she sent me her old camera, which works with my current lenses, so I just had to order some film and I was all set up!  For the past month, I've been experimenting with shooting film, and testing my patience waiting for my film scans to make their way back to me - and then saving them for this post!

So I am proud to present my first film share!

Just look at that light! So beautiful!

Oh yeah, I should also mention that these were taken on Christmas day!  That's right, we had snow on Christmas Day - probably the only time this year we'll get any at all!

Don't forget to follow the circle around - next up is the wonderful Dee Sisk!

P.S. Did you notice the new coat of paint on my blog? Yay for updated sites and fun color schemes!