Blog Circle: 10 on 10 : May 2013

It has been an absolutely crazy month around these parts.  But here it is, the 10th again, so it's time for my 10 on 10 blog circle - 10 misc images from my month, and a bunch of my friend's too.

My mom's rose bushes have been blooming like nuts and they are absolutely gorgeous!

My grandpa, who lives in Washington state, came out to visit for about a week.  It was so great to see him, and I already know that this image is going to be a long time favorite of mine.  So glad to have this to always remember him.

During my grandpa's visit, my aunt and uncle (who live in Wichita, KS) were able to come down for a couple of days and we went out to a local state park for a picnic supper to enjoy the absolutely wonderful weather - we have to do it now before this Oklahoma weather gets too hot to enjoy.

It would be a Stevenson family get together without lots of card games!

This month I also drove up to Wisconsin to attend a bridal shower for one of my very best friends.  It was a long 900 miles both ways (15 hr drive by myself...) but completely worth it for the time celebrating these two's upcoming wedding - I can't wait til July!!

Holly's shower was tea party themed - complete with hats and pretty dresses!  This is another very good friend, Michelle, and I at the shower.

And one of my very favorite photos from the trip - this is Holly and her mom at the shower, just so happy!

This is what most my time with these wonderful friends looks like - sitting on the couch talking, laughing, and playing games.

So that's a tiny glimpse at my month.  Please follow the circle to read about my friend Colie's month here!