Be Supportive | Blog Circle : September

If you have ever tried to learn something new, you know that it is a whole lot easier and more fun when you do it with someone else.  If you aren’t aware, photography is a pretty technical and complicated hobby and there is a lot to learn about equipment, exposure, processing, techniques, and more. 
So, like many other women in the same shoes as myself, I turned to the internet and quickly discovered the plethora of online photography forums and blogs that exist.  I discovered Girl Hearts Camera back when it was just a blog, and when Heather expanded it to include a forum as well, I was quick to jump in.  It has quickly become my favorite forum because the women who are a part of our community are just so kind and helpful.  We have women from all walks of life, from those who have had successful photography businesses for years, to those just starting their business, to those (like me) who are just in this for a hobby and a way to express themselves.  The forum is a place where I can ask stupid questions, learn new ways to do things, and receive constructive critique, and just to share my photos with other women who are interested and understand what I am talking about!   
This month some of us are starting a Blog Circle, something to stretch our creative muscles and share with the world.  This month’s theme is “Be Supportive.”  And like any good student, the first thing I did was look up “Support” in the good ol’ Webster’s Dictionary.

“To keep from sinking or falling; to uphold by aid or countenance.” 

Besides my friends on the GHC forum, I am so blessed by the support system of family and friends in my life.
If you don’t know, I have had a difficult couple of months here lately, but I am so thankful for friends who know how to make me smile.  I don’t have many good friends here locally since I’ve only lived here a short time and it’s hard to make friends as a grown up!  But I thank God daily for my college friends.  They may live 891 miles away from me, but thanks to technology, we can still hang out.
Maybe skyping isn’t quite as good as an in-person coffee date or girl’s night out, but it is still so good.  The times we spend together on Skype or the phone, laughing, praying together, remembering, and talking about our lives are often the highlight of my week.
Besides my friends who are always there for me, even 891 miles away, my family is always here for me.  They are the ones who put up with the crazy things I make them do in the name of photography.  Not to mention how they listen to me ramble about "depth of field" and "apertures" and "lenses".
Exhibit A:
My sister, the always will model for when I just want to take photos of people.  Braving tall, scary grass, and wading through streams just for me.

Exhibit B:
Just this week, my mom put aside the papers she was grading to drive with me out to the edge of town where there's this spot where the trees make a pretty canopy over the road.  I've been dying to photograph it for months but I'm too much of a wimp to pull over and do it when I'm alone.  

Keep the circle going!  Head over to Jessica's page to see what's next!  I'm sure it will be great - all of her work is!