Another update: on vocation, being vulnerable, and a thank you.

A few weeks ago when I wrote about our Vocational Retreat in Indianapolis, I was pretty vulnerable when I shared about some of the ways God was speaking to me and how He is leading me.  Truthfully, it was hard for me to be that open and I felt pretty exposed as I posted it.  I may have typed it out and erased it and re-written it a few times.  And then I still held my breath as I pressed "post."
So you might wonder why I posted it.  
I posted it because I believe that it is important for Believers to be transparent about their stories and where they are on their journey.  I believe that for a few reasons.  Firstly, because I believe that it can help outsiders have a more realistic view of our Faith.  I'm sick of Christians putting on a happy, fake exterior when they're hurting inside.  It doesn't do them any good and it only makes people confused.  Second, I posted it because I believe that community is a powerful thing.  God didn't intend for us to go through this life alone.  Of course we have God, but we also have each other.  And I've seen community make a difference enough times to believe in it.  When you share yourself with others, it allows them to really love you; to support you, to offer advice and insight, to offer a shoulder to cry on or a hug when you need it, to be someone to pray for you, and to say "I don't know how to help, but I'm here for you anyways."  So I posted my true thoughts on the internet for the whole world to see.
I mean, not the whole world.  My blog is public, but it's not like the whole world reads it.  Only the people who care about me - my family, my friends, and my facebook friends (who I only allow to be my facebook friend if I truly know them and care about them - so if you're my facebook friend, you should feel special. :) ), so that helped too.
So yeah, it was hard.  But I felt it was important, so I did it.
And it's proven true.  My community (AKA you!) came together to support me in some really cool ways that never would have happened if I hadn't put those thoughts out there.  I received words of encouragement that helped boost my self-esteem (which I need, because I often struggle with confidence and feeling like I'm not good enough).  I received advice and tips.  And several people offered me with exciting opportunities.  In a couple of weeks I'm traveling to Arizona to meet with a non-profit about a possible position to use my graphic design and photography skills to help their organization when this year is over.  I heard about a photography workshop that is specialized in photography for non-profits - who knew that was even a thing??  I'm using my gifts more at Little Brothers.  The YAV office asked me for some pictures to use (see below, Clarissa is modeling her YAV tshirt!).  Cool things are happening.


And even if nothing comes from any of these things, I feel like God is speaking to me through you guys.  He's using you to nudge me forward and say "Yes, Megan, you're on the right track!  Keep going." And after 3 years of seeking these opportunities to find nothing but closed doors, finding some open ones gives me such hope.  Hope that God can use me somehow!
So thanks, my friends. 
Thanks for your support, for caring about me and my journey, and for loving me. 
Keep it coming.  This is still hard.