A really hard week.

I had a really hard week.
  • From being sick and laying on the couch wishing my mommy was here.
  • To a crazy busy week at work, only made worse by missing a day of work from being sick.
  • To wishing I was home so I could help my sister with stuff.
  • To missing my mom's cooking.
  • To a small accident in a car at work.  (Thankfully no one was hurt in the least)
  • To feeling lonely and missing my family and friends like crazy; Feeling like I don't have any friends here and not having a clue how to make some.
  • To being out of money.  (Don't worry, we still have food money, I'm just out of fun money for a while - going to IA last weekend drained me!)  It brings a much different meaning to Jesus being my everything; that's another lesson that I am definitely learning these days.

Yeah, in a lot of ways.

Of course it left me wondering if I should really be here.  What am I doing in Chicago, God?
Then at church today, the pastor reminded me about Joseph's story - a teenager who was hated by his brothers so much that they wanted to kill him.  But then they decided to just sell him into slavery instead.  But God obviously had a plan for all of this and ended up using Joseph to save Israel by giving him the gift to interpret the Pharoah's dreams and understand that there was going to be a famine and they needed to save grain.  All the way down to his brothers (unknowingly) coming to him and asking him for food, and him directly saving them.  Read it in Genesis 37-42 - it's a great story.   

"God does not waste a single detail of your life."                    Pastor Jarrett Stevens reminded me.

He didn't waste a single detail in Joseph's life, and he won't waste any in mine either.  He has a plan; one that's greater than mine.

I don't understand it now, but I believe that I will someday.

I'm feeling weary, frustrated, and faithless.  Will you pray for me tonight?

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