I hate Spanish. I am so bad at it, no matter how hard I try. Right now I am taking Spanish 101 (3 semesters of a foreign language is required at NWC) and I have an 80, which isn't horrible, it's just not that great for me, usually. That's not the part that has me worried; it's that I'm only on 101 and I have to take 2 more semesters of this. If I can't do 101 very well, how on earth am I going to do 102 or 201??? It's not that I'm not trying... I am trying very, very hard. The problem is just that I can't remember the stupid words. I just can't memorize the volabulary, which is the easiest part for most people. Most people have a hard time with the grammar concepts; I get that stuff and can do it fine, I just can't memorize the words. And nothing can really be done to help me; Michelle keeps telling me to go to the Spanish Center and get help from a tutor, but I really don't think they can help me. I am doing everything they say to do: use flashcards, say it out loud, etc. I just can't do it.

Oh yeah, did I mention that my roomate for next year is a Spanish major? yeah.