Wow, it's hard to believe that summer is over and I've been back at NW for nearly a week now...

Well, summer was interesting. I went to Oklahoma for the summer to be with my parents and my sister. I felt like maybe I should go there and try to make Hugo feel a bit more like home. Let's just say that it didn't go quite the way I hoped. For the first month or so, I struggled to find a job. I finally found one at the Sonic Drive-In. It was terrible and I quit after working there for three days. I hated it so much that by the third day I had made myself physically sick and I actually threw up at work. The people were mean and they didn't care about me at all; even when I got sick no one cared and they wouldn't even let me go home. There was constantly disgusting music blaring while we worked. It was terrible. My parents were not exactly happy when I quit, but I knew there was no way I could do that all summer. A while later, I got hired by Walmart and that's where I ended up for the rest of the summer. I worked in the Connection Center and Electronics Dept. It wasn't the most fun or exciting, but it was okay. I survived, anyways. Overall, the summer was very difficult for me. The hardest part was definitely when my entire family went to Elmwood for 10 days and I had to stay in Hugo because I had to work. I was terribly depressing.

Now I am back at school, though. Thank God that I had that to look forward to. I don't know how I would have made it through otherwise. It's weird being back. Everything is different. The wing is different. Some of it's good, but not everything. I love having Holly and Courtney right next door. I miss the upperclassmen who lived with us last year, though. I'm sure we'll get to know the freshmen and they'll be great, but for now it's a bit weird. I'm not used to homework anymore, either. It's been tough getting myself to sit down and do what I'm supposed to be instead of just hanging out and having fun.

Well, I had better get going and find something productive to do!