Wellllll... it's hard to believe that we are two weeks into classes. The homework load is starting to pick up; I have my first test on Thursday. Things are getting busy with homework and activities/clubs all starting up.
I've been watching my friends and roommate with their busyness and it reminds me why I'm not involved in so many things anymore. I must say that last week when sign-ups and auditions for everything were happening, I really wanted to join a whole bunch of stuff. But I held myslef back. Mostly, I think, out of fear. Fear of rejection. I'm terrified that I would try out for choir or a worship team or something and they would turn me down. I guess I'm scared of failure... So, on the one hand, I probably should audition for something like that just for the experience, but on the other hand, I really don't need all those distractions. I really feel like I should just focus on my schoolwork and Jesus right now. Besides, I stay busy enough with friends. It's not like I'm bored... I'm so confused. okay, whatever. I don't know what I'm feeling anymore.