Oh, I love my friends so much! It's just been a good week with them! Last weekend was great wiht HSM3 and Pumkinland and yeah, it's just been good.

Then last night, after phonathon, we were going to have singing session, which we've done a couple of times this week. I think it was Monday night when I was sitting in my room, trying to study and all of the sudden, I heard a guitar coming from behind me. At first I though it was just someone's music but then I realized that maybe it was Courtney's guitar... So I went to check, and it was! She adn Holly were going to sing some praise songs and they said I could join them... Then Chelsey ended up coming down with us too! It was good. And then we did it another night too. And last night we were going to do it again, but then Anne came over and she was going to join us and then we decided to go outside and do it out there because it was soooo nice out last night. So we took Courtney's guitar and music and a flashlight and headed out. There's a little courtyard type thing by VPH and we just sat on a bench there and sang for a while. Then we were just talking and stuff. It was just so good.