Well, it's been a quiet, but good weekend.
I have managed to put off much of my homework until now, so why not keep this procrastination going for a couple more minutes, right? It's really amazing how advanced my procrastination skills are! Friday night, I managed to put off the yucky homework by going to a dance that I originally was not going to attend. But then my friends talked me into it, found me something to wear, and I went... It was a good time. Saturday I gave my room a thorough cleaning. And I mean thorough - we're talking vacuuming in all the corners, dusting, and even organizing my drawers... Crazy stuff! And then I read the entire book that I just bought Friday night! Then today I just had to help set up for Steggy Keggy... (If you are unaware, Steggy Keggy is a dorm event in which each wing is assigned a theme and then they decorate the hallway like crazy and the whole campus comes and walks through and the wings are judged. Also, during the event, we have a Keg of Root Beer, thus the "Keggy" part - if you were wondering) I did get much of my Spanish and Art History homework done this afternoon. And I went to the Theology study session - just didn't actually get around to studying... Oh well. It'll happen tomorrow, I guess. Most likely very late at night. Whatev - this is college, right?
Well, I think it may be time to get off the computer and do something more productive. Of course, I've been saying that all weekend... :)