I am at camp.
And i am overwhelmed.  i truly believe that God has a plan and a reason for putting me here; i know that he is going to do great things this summer.  I am just so overwhelmed.
There are 65 college-age summer staff members that are basically complete strangers to me right now.  Except for Julia and like two other NWC students that i at least knew of before getting here.  I have spent basically the last day and a half "mingleing" and trying to get to know these people and TRYING to remember their names.  ugh.  that is a lot of names.
i feel so clueless.  i don't understand what's happening half the time; i don't know my way around; i don't know all the little "camp manitoqua things" (for example - at meals, they hold hands while they pray for the meal - intertwining fingers)  whew.  i feel like i have so much to learn in the next week and a half before we have campers...

so anyways, for those of you who don't know, i am working at camp manitoqua, a christian summer camp in frankfort, il (a southern suburb of chicago).  yes, elmwood people, i am in illinois!  it's great to see those il liscense plates again!  i have most weekends off, so i'm hoping to make it down that way at least a couple of times, but i don't have a car here so i might need you to come get me if you want to see me! :)
yeah, so i am doing preschool day camp in the mornings and arts and crafts in the afternoons.  that's all i know.  i don't know what that means or how that is going to look, but that's what i am told that i am doing.

in case you haven't noticed, i am a bit overwhelmed, flustered, and even nervous.  i hate the unknown and this is very unknown to me.  but i really believe that God must have put camp on my heart for a reason and he must have a reason for me being here.  i am excited for the possibilities!

whew.  i'll try to keep you updated on here.  i'm not sure exactly what my internet situation is going to look like, but i think i should have access relatively frequently.  i hope.