Oh boy.
Today was the first day of camp with actual kids here.
The preschoolers were SO good this morning.  We only have eight kids this week, so that helped.  They are absolutely adorable, though!  And so well behaved, and quiet, and they got along so well and played together nicely...  So good!
This afternoon went well in the art hut too.  The only sad thing is that the supplies I ordered have not come in yet, so I'm just making do with last years leftover supplies...  Oh well, I made do.  It was good!
Except:  this morning, all of camp was without power because of a storm last night, and that caused problems with the pool (the kids didn't get to go swimming this morning, which they were sad about) and so they set up this generator thing.  right outside the art hut.  So I sat in the art hut all afternoon, breathing in the fumes from it.  Not a good idea.  I didn't even think anything of it until another couselor came in and asked how I was doing.  I told him that I was getting a headache.  He looked at the generator and said "Oh, yeah, breathing those fumes in...  That's not good."  I didn't really think anything of it -  just figured it would go away.  However, it has consistently gotten worse, and now have a splitting, migraine-like headache that is made worse by lights and loud sounds.   yuck.  plus, every few minutes I feel like I need to run to the bathroom and throw up.  Not very pleasant.  Oh yeah, and in chapel for the Rez camp's opening ceremony, I felt like I was going to pass out about three different times.
I really hope I feel better tomorrow...  I hate being sick.
Other than that, it really was a good day.  really, I promise.