well, the first week of camp is almost over. whew.
it's been rainy, so we've been stuck inside more than i would've liked... the kids were sad because they didn't get to go swimming every day like they were supposed to - we ony got to go two days.
oh well.
other than the weather, the week has gone very well. :) no kids have died, and they've even had some fun.

here's a couple of cool things from this week:

1) we've been singing this song with the kids all week. it's really fun and has some awesome motions, but i think the lyrics are really powerful.

Feed the fire, Lord be my one desire
Fan the flame in my heart
Light a spark, lead me on through the dark
and feed the fire in my heart!

that's just the chorus, but the whole thing is really good.

2) tonight in chapel, the camp chaplain, grant, shared a story that really illustrates the concept of grace so very well.
during the great depression, there was a elderly woman who was raising her two grandchildren as well as taking care of her sick daughter. she had absolutely no money and the children were getting very hungry, so one night she finally got so desperate that she went to a bakery and stole a loaf of bread. she knew it was wrong, but they needed the food and she had no choice. on the way out tho, she got caught by the baker and was arrested. she went to court and the judge heard her story. although the judge had mercy on the woman and understood that it was necessary, the law had been broken and he had no choice but to sentence her to a ten dollar fine (which, of course, was worth much more during the depression). However, as the judge walked up and told the woman her sentence, he dropped and ten dollar bill on the table in front of the woman.

grace. wow.

the week has been good. i'm tired, but i'll try to fill you in more sometime soon...