Guess what I realized this weekend?!?!?!?
I am happy.  :)

I am listening to "Sara Groves" pandora station and it always makes me think....  Good blogging music!

I am having a good time where God has placed me this summer - Camp Manitoqua.
I feel like I am finally adjusting and feeling comfortable here.  I'm so glad.
Sure, sometimes it's still awkward and I don't feel like I'm being totally myself yet.  I still feel the need to hold some things back or not be completely open with people, but I'm getting closer.

This weekend was really good.  It was just so relaxing and fun.  I have decided that weekends here at camp are so good because I still have the great Christian community that I have at school, without homework and all that stuff to worry about.  I'm still working on making really close friends here, but getting closer each week!

AND, I'm going to Elmwood to the Hart's next weekend for the 4th of July - which I am totally excited about!  But a group of people here are making lots of really fun plans, and I almost wish I could be here for them...  That's a good sign, right?  But I really am way excited about being with the Harts and I wouldn't miss it.  I'm so thankful for Mrs. Hart's offer to come up and get me.

Sorry, that was really random.  Basically that has been my thoughts this weekend...  lol

Well, time to get ready for beddy-time.  Week 4 of camp, here I come; ready or not!  :)